Mandatory Assignment:  WebApps

This is the mandatory assignment in the elective: Webprogramming - WebApps with Angular and other JS-frameworks.
The Assingment have to be approved before you can do your synopsis.

In this mandatory assignment you have 3 cases as an option:

  1. The Angular Movie App
  2. The Angular Bird Watching App
  3. Your own Angular App

1. The Angular Movie App
See: Exercise10-Angular-MandatoryAssigment.html

2: The Angular Bird Watching App
In the elective Android Application Development the final mandatory assignment is about developing a Bird Watching App in Android based on a Rest API.
You are welcome to use this case (and the Rest API), to make a Bird Watching Web App based on Angular/Bootstrap as a solution for the assignment.
(If you have Android as one of your electives - It could be interessting to compare the to different solutions (Native Andriod vs. Angular WebApp) on the same case)

For more information:


3. Your own Angular App
The third option is to build your own WebApp. The only demands is:

a) The app must have as minimum 3 Components.
b) The app must have a Service-class and use dependency injection to inject the Service into a component.
c) The app must use the following type of bindings: - string interpolation, property binding and event binding.
d) The app must use Routing & Navigation.

e) The app should use a HttpService (you are most welcome to use FireBase as Backend)
f) The app should use Interface, Observable/subscribe( ), map( ) and filter( ) (RxJS)

The Assignment has to be approved by me in the class, no later than Wednesday, April 25, 2017 at 14.45.

Henrik Høltzer